Tony 威廉姆森,gl - Director, Compliance & 安全

托尼一个. 威廉姆森,gl

合规总监 & 可持续性

A Global 物流 and Marketing specialist, Tony brings his considerable experience for all aspects of operations from sales to safety to sustainability.


托尼一个. Williamson’s career spans 34 years in logistics with an emphasis on the environmental and logistics industry from premier companies such as 威廉希尔中文版app, 质量分布, 公司.、Clean harbor、US Filter和Ensco. He has knowledge and experience of managing hazardous wastes facilities, 应急响应部门, 分布, 仓库, 和交通设施, and establishing transportation networks throughout the Western United States.


  • 第三方物流
  • 船队经营/管理
  • 供应链管理
  • 交通运输管理
  • 联运 & 运货马车运送
  • 业务发展
  • 客户关系
  • 率 & 合同谈判
  • P&L管理
  • 预算 & 成本管理
  • 团队 & 员工的发展
  • 司机招聘 & 过程
  • 点 & 安全合规
  • 可持续发展项目
  • 授权管理


  • 操作
  • 仓库
  • 运输
  • 环境及业务发展
  • 有害物质/点/安全培训
  • 微软办公软件
  • 麦克劳德管理软件
  • 延龄草软件
  • 电子帐册,高通


托尼是合规部的主管 & 可持续性 overseeing the company’s compliance and sustainability efforts of promoting a cleaner environment in the logistics industry. He is responsible for fleet management of 威廉希尔中文版app Assets and compliance matters of all associated companies of 威廉希尔中文版app.

Tony has held other positions with 威廉希尔中文版app such as Director, 公司合规, 合规管理, 监管, 和健康 & 安全对公司至关重要. He was the Director of 业务发展 & Marketing for 4 years where he was responsible for managing the sales, 市场营销, and public relations efforts for the company on a national level. He also served as Director of 操作 responsible for warehousing and transportation of customer freight.

  • An accomplished logistics executive with experience in P&L oversight involving both start-up and growth organizations.
  • 有良好的销售增长记录, securing key clients and growing the bottom line while spearheading operational improvements to drive production and reducing costs.
  • 在动态, demanding environments combining business acumen with innate leadership abilities to recruit, 构建, 并留住人才.

Prior to joining 威廉希尔中文版app, he was the Western 区域 Vice President with 质量分布, 公司. 管理6个底线的结果, West Coast Facilities that provide tanker cleaning services to bulk carriers nationwide. He oversaw all aspects of the operations including staffing, sales, environmental compliance, health & safety, procurement, and other operational and administrative duties.

He is an active member of various industry-related clubs and organization. He is an advisor on the Board of the 洛杉矶交通俱乐部 and Secretary of the Board of Directors for EXP (Formerly ITEP).

  • 洛杉矶交通俱乐部
  • 国际贸易
  • 教育项目
  • CA货运协会
  • 港口货运协会
  • 港口运输俱乐部
  • 港口工业协会 & 商务
  • 氢商业委员会
  • 联运安全领导委员会

Tony has an undergraduate degree in Marketing with minors in Accounting and Management. He earned a Masters of Global Arts in Global 物流 from California State University at Long Beach. In addition to his degrees, he has 32 hours in Management of Information. In 1997, he received a professional designation of Global 物流 Specialist from California State University at Long Beach, 大学学院, and Extension 服务 along with a 运输/物流 Management Certification. He also has received hazardous material training and certifications.

  • M.A.加州州立大学长滩分校
  • Construction Management Turner Construction 公司
  • Global 物流 Specialist Cal State Long Beach
  • Certificate of 运输 Cal State Long Beach
  • 南方AR大学计算机科学
  • BS in Marketing/ Accounting Henderson State University



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